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What Is The Importance Of Art?
By Jonathan T Chin

When we look around us, we see a lot of things that relate to art, contain art, are art and shows art. Art is everywhere because people need to use it for daily uses. Art can come in the form of many things, including posters, murals, portraits, covers, paintings and more. However, why do people everyday use it? What significance does it hold?

A common usage of art is to show ideas. Ideas can come in many forms, writing, talking but art is and can be viewed by many without the need of voice. People look at art to look at different ideas that they want to know more about or may be studying. Art can show ideas about the past, what has happened as of late, what is currently happening and what may happen in the future. Art can show ideas about society, something good or something bad.

Art can also be used to show meaning. People can use art to show love, to show boredom and to show creativity. Art can be meaningful because of the images that can be collected into one small area. It is then up to the person to look at this form of art and to think about it and to make a conclusion about it. Is it shocking, it is sad or is it nice? If someone is sad, they may choose to paint something that is deep, dark and not bright. If someone is in joyful mood, they may want to paint beautiful things in life, such as children, nature and seasons. Art is meaningful because of the colors, shapes and depictions it can create.

Art can also be used to liven up things in this world. It may not have a specific idea or meaning but it can be used to make things look better and more complete. When you write a report, it looks dull, but when you add a picture or two to it, it looks much better because now there is visual aid. Art is found everywhere, including parks, buildings, and is used just to make the place more comfortable and appealing to the public. It can sometimes act as filler because it looks better than to just leave something on its own.

Art is also a great tool for learning. Art can be found in almost everywhere where there is a school. Art is important because of what it can be used for. Art is fun and acts as an interactive tool for reluctant learners, younger students. However, when these students grow up, they can learn to appreciate art for what it can do for them. In the process, people can learn a lot because art is almost as effective as written things. Sometimes, art and writing go hand in hand.

One obviously reason for the art, is that many people depend on it. People who draw are not the only people who use and make money off of art. People who are book publishers, magazine editors, newspaper people all need to use art to supplement their work. Art is used by some people directly and some indirectly. People can choose to make a profession out of this because it is fun for them; it is something that they like to do, and more.

Art can show the passage of time. During parts of history, writing was not used by certain civilizations because they did not know how to use it, such as the caveman. However, they were still able to communicate through means of art. They used art to show cravings and to represent things in life. This is why we understand so much about the past. We can see the thought process of these people and how they used their materials.

Art also acts as a great thinking agent. It allows for thought because of what it means to analyze art. People are not suppose to just look at art for what it is. They are supposed to draw ideas and to really think about what is going on in the picture. Art stimulates thought because it is required for greater understanding.

Lastly, art connects people around the world. Although, art is not a language, people do not need to know anything about another language and can draw ideas from what they see. Everyone in the world can make their own voice heard. Everyone can see it.

An art student By Jonathan T Chin

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